Client: Rethink

Awards: IVCA CLarion Award

To develop, produce and direct a series of interactive films for Rethink (mental health charity) to help train carers and health professionals in care and confidentiality when working with people who have mental illnesses.
THE PROCESS: We developed with with Rethink and health professionals a series of scenarios which were true to life as possible. Once scripted with the interactive training elements, we cast and developed a visceral and as true to life approach to engage the viewer in scenarios in a subject and objective way in which they might experience during their work. We worked extensively with the actors so they could understand the characters, their illness, job and responsibilities and sometimes difficult situations. Working with a small crew, a tight schedule and budget we created a series of twelve powerful and engaging dramatic films and a resource with an ongoing life span.

Our work won an IVCA Clarion Award and received an across the board positive response from the viewers / users that they were true to life and engaged them in their training scenarios in a powerful way. The resource is now used a part of NHS staff mental health training programs.

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