One of three TV commercials by Matteo for RATED PEOPLE.

To establish Rated People as the UK’s leading online destination for recommended and high quality local tradesmen. The client wished to keep using a clean simple white space as per the launch campaign directed by Matteo and to keep the branding and logo as the main character onscreen to reinforce it’s presence in the consumers mind. The spots aim was to create trust in the quality of Rated People’s tradesmen work and drive homeowners seeking high quality local tradesmen to the website.

THE RESPONSE & PROCESS: The client decided to work direct with Matteo after winning the pitch against the incumbent agency. Matteo wrote the creative working closely with the client and developed three highly stylised, single shot motion control TV Commercials keeping the branding and logo at the centre of the campaign as requested by the client. Matteo put forward Phil Spencer (Location, Location, Location and Relocation, Relocation, Channel 4) to voice the commercials as in his previous launch campaign. Phil was chosen because of his warm voice of trusted advice well known by millions of homeowners. Working directly with the client, Matteo ensured clients needs were fully met, enabling not only valuable savings in creative, production and delivery costs but ensuring high production values were kept. The VFX and grade was undertaken at The Framestore (Oscar – Gravity) under close supervision by Matteo to ensure a beautiful result.

Rated People is transforming the £39 billion home improvement industry, generating more than £1 million in home renovation and repair work every day for tradesmen using its service.

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