A documentary made by you and us

The Film

Inside looking Out – One Strange Time is documentary made by you and us about the impact of the global Coronavirus Crisis.

With over 1/3 of the global population in lock down we want you to share the changes to nature, the environment, your lives and the way you see the world during this time.

We want your videos

We want your phone or other videos, still images of this strange time around three themes.

  1. The changes you see to nature and the environment and how you perhaps now experience it in a different way from your window or daily exercise.
  2. Your daily life, the way you interact with family, friends, and how your perceptions of the world have changed.
  3. Your work, business, perception of money and how you survive and adapt.

This film will be made by you and thousands of others who are going through similar experiences. This is a film about our unity through story, hope despite the struggle and the strange scary, sad and sometimes wonderful new world we have encountered with an invisible enemy. 

We want to capture this unique time from the people’s point of view, not the media’s, and to share your very real experiences and hopes in a meaningful and authentic way

This is for you and us and the world.
We want to see how you and the world around you has changed.
Can you now hear bird song when once you could only hear traffic? Can you see deer wandering through your city? Are you connecting with friends on zoom who you haven’t spoken for years? Are you overwhelmed by anxiety and money worries? Have you forged new bonds with your neighbours?

Some guidance

  1. Shoot Landscape not portrait.
  2. Let us see your world happening.
  3. Surprise us, be honest and be brave.
  4. Be tender in difficult moments.
  5. We like wonder as much as the tough times.
  6. Be yourself, be human.
  7. If you want to diary, that’s fine too.

Anything you send us you will need to do so understanding it will be lent to us on a creative common license so we can use it for the film / series at no charge. We may change that at a later date but we think this is fair as we do not seek to profit and see other profit from this time. We seek to inform, move and inspire with what we all see and experience.

Upload via WeTransfer to insideout@seefood.tv

The Team

Glenn Barden – Executive Producer Award winning Producer of the Nat Geo / Disney + series One Strange Rock hosted by Will Smith

Rowland Jobson – Producer /Director Award winning creative. He has made films for numerous household names, agencies and broadcasters including:- Arup, Brahma Beer, Cancer Research UK, Canon, Channel 4, Ford, Lincoln / Mercury, ITV, Mattesson’s, Sony PlayStation and ZDF. His work has premiered in in Competition at 66th Venice International Film Festival and he has won D&AD and IVCA awards.


All profit from the film will be donated to a fund to support those in financial need of distress caused by the impact of CO19. We will pay people who help us and work on the film as many of the people we work with are struggling filmmakers who do not fall within their respective governments CO19 support mechanisms.


We are seeking donations to support the making of this film so we can pay the people working with us who will do things like collect and log your clips, research stories, set up interviews and edit the film with great love, fun, care and integrity. You can donate here. This is for you all


We run a virtual office in isolation from several home locations and are contactable here.

T.+44 (0) 207 870 1113 and insideout@seefood.tv

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