Video, Film and Animation Production

In these unstable times do you need an agile film, video, content or animation solution? On tap when you need it, and not when you don’t?

Our ‘In-house / Out-house’ film, video and animation solution is made to measure for the COVID19 crisis. We help clients who currently don’t have an in-house production solution, have one but are over stretched, or who have a project that needs a special skillset, with flexible in-house / out-house production and support. We can help save you time, overheads and headaches with …

  • Talented film, video, and advertising industry professionals.
  • Working out-house or in-house.
  • Using industry COVID safe and friendly working practices.
  • Professionals with the skillset you and the project need.
  • One person to a full team.
  • Making social, influencer content, b2b, brand films, TV spots and more.
  • Reducing overheads so you can cost it to the job.
  • Delivering what you need to the highest standards, when you need it

Our solution

We supply full teams to animators, camera people, content strategists, creatives, motion graphics artists, shooting directors, videographers, vfx artists, and talented all rounders to work with you. We help you fill a gap, enable specialist high end production or enable you to have your own white label film or video department on tap… to make it easy, make it great, and make it happen!

For how long?

You can choose to have support for one day, one month, or a year. No project is too big, too small or too complicated. We are here when you need us to make it easy.

Flexibility and fresh ideas

We want to help you keep close to the work, give you flexibility, help you to fill those gap you can’t fill, or enable a project which you need a highly skilled team for to happen and to be effective If you feel the need for a fresh pair of eyes, approach to creative or strategic thinking we can offer that too.

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We are here to help!

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