We believe it is our professional and ethical responsibility to minimize the impact of our productions on the world we live in: socially, economically, and environmentally. Every project we work on should incorporate some level of sustainability to it, notwithstanding specific stated goals voiced by our clients.

The Seefood Team uses a unique approach that emphasizes film and video productions role in promoting energy efficiency. To maximize energy savings, our team and clients need to begin planning for energy efficiency at the very start of the project process, when the scope for the project is being developed. Many of the best and most beneficial strategies add little or no cost to the project. As well as identifying possible strategies for energy efficiency, we will set goals for the projects adherence to your CAR and sustainability goals

Producing in a sustainable way is part of the Seefood Team’s production services.

BS 8909 Standard?

We work to BS 8909 standard. BS 8909, a specification for a sustainability management system for film, has been designed to help the film industry run its business in a more sustainable way.

This standard enables us to achieve 360 degree sustainability though development, distribution, exhibition and production.





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