Content marketing and Omni-Channel approaches are set to dominate in 2014

Why is video content an essential key to engagement, retention and conversion?

As tablet and mobile growth continues quality content will compete more and more for attention across all digital channels. Donors and others who engage with your charity will increasingly expect high quality content that will help them learn more about your work and show them why their support makes a difference. Quality video content will not only attracts potential donors and supporters into the donor funnel, it will compellingly convert them and aid retention. You might ask why, here are ten reasons.

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  • According to a 2012 study by AOL and Nielsen, 27,000,000 pieces of content are shared every day
  • 3 out of 4 UK internet users will view video content online by 2014
  • UK mobile phone video viewer population is to climb 26% in 2014
  • Video viewing will account for 55% of all internet traffic by 2016
  • By 2017, UK digital video viewers will account for more than three-fourths of internet users, or 61% of the UK population
  • TV frequency alone does not specifically correlate to action conversion
  • Increased digital frequency drives increased action conversion
  • The combination of television and online video drives higher action conversion
  • The optimal frequency mix to drive conversion is 7-10x for both media.
  • Those who were exposed to an ad online first are more likely to take action

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Video Content, Video Advertising and the donor funnel

All research and data points to the future of content being about high quality video content paired with a strong content strategy. Good content strategy will increasingly be driven by data and the mix of data driven strategy backed by strong creative, with quality content across the right platforms is a winning formula. When it comes to attracting new donors into the donor funnel, it’s important to understand that those individuals engaging with your content aren’t necessarily searching for nonprofits to donate to. It’s not just enough to ask, but to engage, through high quality and educational content and to tell your story powerfully. As the future of content increasingly lies in video is it enough to reuse or adapt content from other channels or should it be tailored to make the best or the opportunity once in the funnel? Some content will work when adapted but the key to the future successful fundraising and campaigning we believe is an Omin-channel approach with the message tailored for each channel, at times each demographic with a compelling call to action created for the device.



eMarketer expects the UK mobile phone video viewer population to climb 26% this year and remain in the double digits through 2016. The days of simply repurposing a 30-second spot for mobile and Web, just to increase reach, are over. We expect five- and 10-second mobile video spots to increase in popularity. Vine (Twitter’s Video app) and Instagram are also now key to your content strategy and donor journey. Ask us how you can create mobile content and convert views to mobile donations.

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Omni Channel

An Omni-channel approach from DRTV right through to social, DM, mobile, tablet, web, digital and print we believe is the key to successful campaigns in the future. A strategy that takes and adapts core creative, powerful and engaging source content of quality, with consistent messaging that moves people, gets to people where they are and leads them to engage powerfully. It will be the way the message is constructed across each channel to a highly targeted data driven demographic with a compelling call to action that will win out. All research points to this approach being essential given the growth in mobile, tablet and online video content views. Take a look at Winterberry Group’s and the IAB’s White Paper here.

Sourc: Winterberry Group

Flow Advertising Will Emerge – TV and Online

You might not have heard much about flow advertising, but expect to next year. Flow advertising makes it possible to target consumers in sequences. You can serve your first ad at a particular moment, and then serve the second ad (or choose not to serve it) based on the customer’s reaction to the first ad. For example, you might show a preroll on YouTube and then only retarget the consumer who watches the entire ad.

SKY’s new AdSmart service is just the start of flow advertising on TV. Sky AdSmart is a revolutionary new approach to TV advertising. Until now everyone watching a Sky channel at the same time saw the same adverts. With Sky AdSmart different adverts can be shown to different households watching the same programme and be highly targeted, allowing advertisers to tailor television ads to specific households based on age, gender, estimated income and where they live.

Until now, only large charities could afford to launch nationwide campaigns on screen. However, a substantial chunk of the investment was, in effect, wasted, as ads would reach homes that were not relevant for the advertiser. AdSmart helps solve this conundrum by allowing companies to send different messages to different audiences. Ask us how we can produce spots for AdSmart for you.

How can we help you?

  • We have an in-house creative and production team that develops DRTV, Video Adverts, Video Content and Mobile Video content.
  • We can develop Omni-Channel Strategies.
  • We can partner with one of your existing agencies to develop one or some of above.
  • We can save you money with our knowledge of multichannel production and we don’t have the overheads of most large agencies or production houses.

Call us now to find our more or send us a brief.

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