What is PastPresentAR?

We offer a new platform to deliver authentic immersive experiences for the museum space and beyond to bring the past alive all around you wherever you are.  Using specialist 360 audio technology with cinema quality sound and interaction we offer a scaleable solution via “PastPresentAR” app (360 Audio to full mixed reality ). This innovative tech and service is brought to you by an experienced team working in cinema, mobile tech (the first iPhone developer in Europe with over 27 app Store numbers 1’s) and a team comprising some of the best 3D and audio artists in the world .

Why 360 interactive audio?

Our unique 360 interactive location triggered audio offers a great opportunity to create powerfully engaging immersive experience anywhere. Imagine in a museum space or at a historical site you can bring the voices and sounds of the past alive around you,  hear Stevenson talk about his Rocket and how it works as he rides it, hear Bronte relating one of her novels where it happened, be lead along the trail of Jack the Ripper in London . Our tech tracks and interacts so the sound for any listener is constantly moving according to you direction of movement and location in the environment creating a powerful authentic sense of place, narrative and concise information.

Why VR and 360?

VR and 360° content is incredibly powerful, allowing the viewer to feel they have been transported to a new place, look around and feel immersed in the environment.

Immersive content can be watched in a number of ways; via virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard, on your mobile or tablet, using the accelerometer and gyro to pan around or moving the image around your desktop with a mouse.

Now that Facebook and YouTube support 360° videos, it means you can ensure your content reaches a wider audience from the thousands to the millions.

However our system goes beyond stand VR and AR offering enhanced location, movement tracking and triggering making the experiences we offer ideal for museums, historical sites. education and interactive narrative games

Working with Seefood

Seefood’s process of making VR films and interactive content differs in many ways from shooting traditional film content. As the industry and technology has developed we have tested the best hardware, tools and techniques specifically for shooting and viewing 360° VR content for all needs and developed PastPresentAR to ensure a scaleable, cost effective platform and solution . This development means that as 3D Audio, AR and VR producers we are able to offer agile solutions to complex scenarios. Our VR techniques and processes allow us to make decisions on set and in post that are grounded to ensure efficient production and at the heart of the work is our creative approach to narrative, interactivity, authenticity, learning and play.

We work closely with our clients to understand and adapt briefs to the medium. First we listen,  then we look at how the medium can best engage your audience and how we can leave a powerful and  lasting impression. We then develop a script and storyboard that illustrates your brief as one of the first steps towards visualising and designing an powerfully engaging experience.

Call us to explore how you might use VR / 360 content on +44 (0) 207 870 1113

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